The Badger Game

The Badger Game_BD key art

It’s the twisted indie hit that’s been hailed as “fun” (Ain’t It Cool), “intense” (Horror News) and “excellent all around” (Indyred): When a young woman discovers that her wealthy boyfriend is married, she and three friends hatch a kidnapping-and-extortion scheme – known in criminal circles as a ‘badger game’ – to teach him a lesson and score an easy $2 million. But they’ll soon learn certain games can quickly spin out of control…and that one seemingly perfect crime is about to go horribly wrong. Augie DukePatrick CronenJillian LeighSam Boxleitner and Sasha Higgins star In this award-winning comedy/shocker written and directed by Josh Wagner & Thomas Zambeck that Icons Of Fright calls “a rare treat of a thriller, packed to the gills with drama, terror and tension!”

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