THE HOT NIGHTS OF LINDA (2500 Limited Edition 3 Disc Set)

Hot Nights of Linda

Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Plus Exclusive Bootleg DVD Of French Hard Banana Version!

When writer/director Jess Franco died in April 2013, cinema lost its legendary master of Euro-Cult. Now in memory of his extraordinary 50+ year career, Severin is proud to present one of his most notorious slabs of über-sleaze: Alice Arno (of JUSTINE DE SADE fame) stars as a secretary sent to the seaside estate of a depraved millionaire, his nymphomaniac daughter (Franco’s beloved muse Lina Romay), her invalid cousin and their grunting houseboy. But when her day’s work ends, a nightmare of depraved new duties will begin! Paul Muller (BARBED WIRE DOLLS) costars in this Uncle Jess jaw-dropper packed with incest, lesbianism, sadism and murder, restored from a 35mm print discovered in a Barcelona bordello, loaded with Bonus Features and presented in high definition for the first time ever!

-Hot Nights – Exclusive Interview With Director Jess Franco
-Jess and Lina Talk LINDA – Exclusive Interview With Director Jess Franco and Star Lina Romay
-Fantastic Fest Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation To Jess Franco

BONUS DISC (Limited to first 2500 Copies) French Hard Banana Version

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