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Hot Nights of Linda

1975 was a prolific year for Jess Franco in arguably his greatest filmmaking era. But giving one of his more outstanding works from that time its global disc debut has not been an easy road. Those familiar with the complicated history of THE HOT NIGHTS OF LINDA aka BUT WHO RAPED LINDA? aka EROTIC DREAMS aka HAPPINESS IN SIN aka COME CLOSE, BLOND EMMANUELLE know that there are two very different ‘official’  versions of the film (let’s not get into the various censored versions of those versions that have surfaced over the years). There’s the 80 minute BUT WHO RAPED LINDA? soft-core release version, which was Franco’s preferred cut and the longest version out there, and the controversial  French release LES NUITS BRÛLANTES DE LINDA which runs slightly shorter at just over 78 minutes. The latter version contains a number of alternate sex scenes, including the infamous full brutal banana sequence. These harder sex scenes and alternate nude scenes are not inserts shot by another director at a later date, these sequences were shot by Franco.

We have newly transferred the full BUT WHO RAPED LINDA? version from a rare archive 35mm release print, which thankfully was in good enough condition to scan in hi-def for Blu-ray presentation. Whereas only a collector’s analog tape was available to us for the NUITS BRÛLANTES French version. We commissioned an English  translation of the dialog on this version so that it can be presented with English subtitles for the first time. Frankly the picture and sound quality are not great so we are making a strictly limited edition of 2500 which will contain not only the regular Blu-ray/DVD combo of BUT WHO RAPED LINDA? but also an extra bonus DVD containing LES NUITS BRÛLANTES DE LINDA. We are making this 3 disc version available for pre-order through our site here at the Special Pre-Order Price of $24.98.

THE HOT NIGHTS OF LINDA 3 Disc Limited Edition and the regular 2 Disc combo will also contain a whole host of Special Features for the true Francophiliac. Over the years we have interviewed Jess on more than 30 of his films and a handful have still yet to see the light of day — this juicy featurette on LINDA is one of them. To give you an idea of how long we’ve been working on this title we also have the only interview we ever conducted with both Jess and his longtime muse Lina Romay in 2008  on camera together at their home in Malaga, talking specifically about LINDA and their working relationship in general. We also have an archive video from Austin’s Fantasticfest of Jess receiving the festival’s first lifetime achievement award with Lina by his side. Not to mention a great new interview with Stephen Thrower, author of the seminal tomes NIGHTMARE USA and BEYOND TERROR. Stephen is currently in the final stages of an exhaustive and definitive volume on Franco. Finally we have some out-takes and a theatrical trailer, surely making this one of the most packed Special Editions of a Franco film to hit disc yet.

Here’s a short out-take from the interview with Jess and Lina together wherein Jess tries to remember the date of their then upcoming and long gestating nuptials.

Jess & Lina Out take Clip from Severin Films on Vimeo.

Pre-order the Limited Edition here.

And don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of Fangoria which features tributes to Jess from, among others, Severin’s David Gregory.


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