The House on Straw Hill

The House on Straw Hill

It remains one of the most notorious thrillers in UK cinema history, a film so graphically depraved it was banned by British censors for nearly 25 years: Eurocult legend Udo Kier (ANDY WARHOL’S DRACULA, SUSPIRIA) stars in the twisted story of a disturbed novelist, his posh girlfriend (UK softcore goddess Fiona Richmond), a secluded house in the English countryside, and the horny nymphet (luscious Linda Hayden of BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW fame) who triggers a nightmare of deviant desires, sexual violence, brutal murder and bloody revenge.  Also known as EXPOSÉ and TRAUMA, this still-controversial shocker has been fully restored from a private collector’s original print – including all of Linda Hayden’s infamous scenes of self-gratification – to now deliver on the promise of the original British ads that “Nothing, but nothing, is left to the imagination!”


-Audio Commentary with Writer/Director James Kenelm Clarke and Producer Brian Smedley-Aston

-An Angel For Satan – Interview With Actress Linda Hayden


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