The Manson Family

It has been hailed as amazingly disturbing (Dread Central), extreme and uncompromised (Roger Ebert) and one of the best true crime films ever made (DVD Talk). Now from the punishing mind of writer/producer/director Jim Van Bebber comes his epic of hallucinatory horror like you’ve never seen it before: This is the ultimate account of Charles Manson and his followers, a blood-soaked saga that takes you from their drug-fueled orgies, to their grisly massacres, and into the legacy of depravity that survives today. It is a singular vision of nihilistic evil that remains alarmingly original, unapologetically graphic and shockingly real. These are the most infamous crimes of our time as depicted by one of the most dangerous underground filmmakers of all time. This is THE MANSON FAMILY.

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Justin Lockwood

I discovered this gem right before it went out of print. I found this movie very engaging and I perceived Charley as misunderstood. All he wanted was to reinvent civilization. It was the Press that turned him into a monster. For a film that I think was seized by the authorities back in the day, the quality of the print is excellent and knowing that Severin Films somehow obtained the rights to remaster this tells me there is no low they won’t sink to to rescue an obscure movie. The bonus footage of the real Charlie Manson before he was sent to the chair makes this a treasure worth owning, especially for those of you that remember the Mainstream Media shenanigans that escalated his anger.

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