THE WILD GEESE To Fly Again On Blu-Ray

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Severin will be releasing the mercenary soldier epic THE WILD GEESE, starring Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris, as a Blu-Ray/DVD combo. The new high definition transfer from the original negative is complete and some very special exclusive new extras are being produced.

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Last week veteran director Andrew V. MacLaglen, one of the few directors to have the distinction of working with both John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, sat down for a lengthy interview about the production of the film.

Richard Burton’s character Colonel Faulkner was apparently based on perhaps the world’s most famous mercenary Mike Hoare, also known as Mad Mike Hoare or the Mad Bloodhound. Hoare (now 92, the same age as MacLaglen incidentally) retired to South Africa some years ago after writing a number of books focusing on his military exploits. He has only very rarely given interviews but agreed to talk to us for this Special Edition of THE WILD GEESE wherein he discussed his incomparable career and his involvement in the movie as military advisor.

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More details to follow on the ultimate edition of THE WILD GEESE.