It’s an event a half decade in the making. Severin’s opening salvo into the breakneck world of brand, spanking new cinema.

And like a finely crafted Russian Doll, open it up, look inside, and see that the thing itself is actually many things; thriller, horror, romance, abattoir, musical, environmental message, and special effects blockbuster.

But it can all be boiled down one thing. A single, ineffable, altogether new word…


A special film requires a special venue, and Severin is proud to be partnering with the Cinefamily for Birdemic’s official uncaging on Saturday, February 27th.

But now, an already special evening has threatened to scratch the surface of “historic” as Birdemic backers Tim & Eric have just been announced as the hosts of Birdemic’s world premiere.

Perhaps the most discussed and anticipated avian-based disaster film since the The BirdsBirdemic is equal parts both epochal tale and cinematic warning shot. It tells the story of a couple unexpectedly and unforgettably caught in the eye of a feather-based storm…an apocalyptic attack winging down from the skies in a twisted morass of feathers, talons and blood-soaked claws.

The man caught holding the gun that fired the shot across the diegetic bow of cineastes everywhere? Look no further than writer-director-dream factory foreman James Nguyen. One of cinema’s most persistent dreamers, Nguyen (legally trademarked as “The Master of the Romantic Thriller”™) funded his masterwork with personal funds accrued from his day job as a Silicon Valley software salesman. No less than five years in the making, Birdemic stands as a testament to Nguyen’s dark, enduring vision.

Following Birdemic’s heartless official rejection at the hands of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Nguyen took matters into his own hands, engaging in a one-man blitz of Park City, Utah. Nguyen’s van-based publicity campaign caught the attention of Severin Films, who took one look at the film and immediately locked up its rights for the next two decades.

Following the screening, Tim & Eric will also lead a Q&A with director Nguyen and stars Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore. Finally, in keeping with Birdemic’s immersive appeal, Severin will feature a display of props and costumes from the film that promises to put the Arclight to shame.

Why did the birds attack? Who will survive? All questions will finally be answered on the final Saturday in February.

So watch the skies! Because Birdemic is coming.


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