Trenchard-Smith, “Trailers From Hell” Guru

Are you obsessed with Trailers From Hell yet? You really ought to be. Director Joe Dante helms this premiere online genre film destination along with fellow cinephile friends commentating on trailers of their favorite films. Edgar Wright on De Palma’s The Phantom Of The Paradise, Guillermo Del Toro on the underrated Dead And Buried, John Landis on the daring Pretty Maids All In A Row to name only a few. Be careful, it’s easy to loose an entire weekend on TFH.

Genre film virtuoso and now Severin family-alum, Brian Trenchard-Smith is a regular contributor to the site. And with a commentary on his own BMX Bandits in the works, which hits the site on the DVD and Blu-ray street date this coming Tuesday, we’d like to share BTS’ previous TFH commentaries here. Check them out below, and be sure to keep up with Trailers From Hell via Facebook and/or Twitter. Have a great weekend everybody!

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