1 hour ago
Are you ready to jump in the water with CRUEL JAWS? "In 2020, Severin Films came to the rescue by giving Mattei's trashterpiece the red carpet treatment it deserves...You really can't have enough CRUEL JAWS in your life." SeverinFilms photo
2 days ago
Free virtual screening of HOUSE ON STRAW HILL at 7PM Pacific tonight! Audio-Visual DJ set starts at 6:30. Special thanks to @SeverinFilms!
SeverinFilms photo
3 days ago
Sev-Tember continues tomorrow with another wild stream from our friends @RENDEZVOUS_LA. This time it's HOUSE ON STRAW HILL, starring genre giant Udo Kier. The party starts at 6:30PM PST w/ a DJ set and trailer mash-up, followed by the movie at 7:00PM PST. SeverinFilms photo
4 days ago
Covered the unique trio of Halloween horror releases from @SeverinFilms here in depth SEVERIN FILMS ANNOUNCEMENT! [October 2020 Halloween Blu-rays!] #severinfilms #Halloween #Halloween2020 #bluray #bluraydeals
4 days ago
If you were fooled into thinking that later Fulci is lesser Fulci, let AENIGMA change your mind. Thank you @SeverinFilms for this gorgeous limited edition! SeverinFilms photo
4 days ago
Attention Pennsylvanians! The Riverside Drive In Theatre presents a wild slate of flicks this Friday and Saturday, including BRIDES OF BLOOD, THE MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, BEAST OF BLOOD, and TERROR IS A MAN. Don't miss this event! Tickets here: SeverinFilms photo
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