In the wake of the success of Halloween the floodgates opened for literally hundreds of stalk and slash/slice and dice/body count movies. We all have our favorites and ranking up near the top for us is the killer kid classic Bloody Birthday. Perhaps most famous for the before-she-was-famous topless dance of MTV star Julie Brown, the film was directed by Canadian exploitation auteur Ed Hunt (The BrainDiary Of A Sinner). In a recent interview recorded exclusively for this DVD, Hunt discusses his entire career starting with his early nudie flicks, his many explorations into science fiction and also meditates on the importance of the oft-maligned horror genre. Recently transferred from the original negative in hi-definition, this will be Bloody Birthday as you’ve never seen it before. And thanks to Brian Quinn and Eric Caidin of Grindhouse/Hollywood Book & Poster we managed to procure the original painting of the awesome severed finger cake artwork for the cover.


The slasher movie was not the exclusive domain of North America however… The commercial potential of watching scantily clad teenage girls getting sliced up resonated the world over and Australia was no exception. Felicity director John Lamond got in on the act early and directed Nightmares aka Stage Fright in 1980. Of course being a Lamond film there is no shortage of nudity, but there is also a wealth of truly gruesome death scenes too. Not Quite Hollywood’s Mark Hartley recently recorded an audio commentary with Lamond for this release in celebration of the film’s first fully uncut release, transferred in 2.35:1 from the original negative, in North America.


Then there’s The Baby. You’ve never seen a movie like The Baby, truly one of the most bizarre films to come out of Hollywood in the 1970s. Helmed by A-list director Ted Post (Magnum ForceBeneath The Planet Of The Apes), one has to wonder how this film ever got made. As the original one-sheet screamed, “What goes on in this nursery isn’t for kids!” Well, we’ll leave it at that. Again, expect a new transfer from the neg so you can fully enjoy the perverse delights of The Baby.